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Yoga is for Men… Women Can Too!


 Is Yoga For Men?

OK My Fellow Men, 

Is Yoga a No-Go in your book for your exercise routine?


We know that T-Rex doesn’t do yoga…


But,  I do Yoga… And So Should You!  

Yoga is for Men too, After all.


All right, gentlemen—how often have you been in this situation?

It’s Thursday afternoon and you got off work a little early.

It’s been a stressful week and you could use a good sweat.

You try to get a few friends together for some hoops,
but no luck, so you pop in your classic P90X® workout.


Which one do you pick?

I’m betting most of you would go for Shoulders & Arms or Chest & Back.

A couple of you who are slightly more extreme might jump into the Plyometrics routine…

But odds are none of you picked Yoga X.

And why not?


Well, despite the fact that Yoga X features Tony Horton, a mans man,
and despite the fact that it’s a gruelingly difficult 90 minutes,  

(to date, it’s still the most difficult Yoga routine I’ve ever done…)

when presented with this ancient practice, most men come to the same conclusion:

Yoga is for girls.

And that’s just sad,

Because the truth is that yoga probably has more to offer the typical brute-force-lovin’, emotion-repressin’, stretch-avoidin’, pain-ignorin’ Western alpha-male than it does to any other human being on the planet.


Here’s why you, my man, should do Yoga . . .


6 Reasons Yoga is for Men and Why


Women Dig Guys Who Do Yoga


If you’re a single man- Listen Up Right here!
Yoga has its own language, and if you speak that language fluently, you’re in!

Next time you’re at a party and you overhear three babes talking about their yoga preferences, slide in with,

“Normally, I prefer hatha, but sometimes I do a little kundalini, you know, just to take off the edge.”

You just got yourself three dates.

I guarantee it.


Yoga Works Your Stabilizer Muscles


Basically, we have two kinds of muscles, large ones that move you around
and smaller ones that keep the big ones from moving the wrong way
and hurting yourself.

These smaller ones are called stabilizer muscles.

Many of these are hidden deep inside and aren’t typically activated through traditional weight training….

and They aren’t as sexy to look at as your pecs, your abs, or your biceps, but they’re just as important. 


While yoga may not necessarily give you huge guns,

It’ll strengthen the stabilizer muscles that’ll make sure you don’t injure yourself while you’re doing the heavy lifting to earn yourself those guns.


And that my man is one huge reason why Yoga is for men, because it makes packing on the muscle safer, faster, and more functional!

Here’s something else- if you train your stabilizer muscles well and I mean really well, then you begin to teach your body how to do some really cool stuff….

And you can upload it to Your Facebook page :-)!


→Do you even handstand bro?


I’ve been working on handstands for some time now. It’s great for shoulder stability, athleticism, balance, proprioception, and just cool. I still keep a wall nearby during this phase of my handstand practice.What skills are you working on?

You Can Do Yoga Whenever

Most physical activities call for certain conditions.

Basketball requires other players. Surfing requires waves. Skiing requires snow.

Lifting requires weights and 48 hours between workouts.


Yoga, however, only requires a little free space and some comfortable clothing.

That’s it.

It’s the ideal filler exercise when you don’t have the personnel,
environment, materials, or time you need to do something else.


Yoga Promotes Body Awareness


One of the main things new yoga practitioners, both men and women, complain about is the fact that yoga is booooo-ring.

When you first start, this may be true, but if you stick with it, things’ll change.

With other activities, you’re forced to pay attention to what’s happening around you.

With yoga, the trick is to stop looking for those external stimuli and start looking internally.

I’m not talking about the whole hippie spiritual thing;

I’m talking about feeling how your body is reacting to the poses.


This increased body awareness can translate to a more intuitive ability to improve in other physical pursuits, as well as a heightened awareness of what’s happening internally when you incur a sports-related injury.


With a little time, you might even be able to work toward lessening the effect of such damage before it even has a chance to happen.


Yoga Builds Your Stamina


If you own the P90X ONE on ONE® yoga DVD Fountain of Youth,

(which BTW, you can get with Beachbody-On-Demand)


Then You’re probably familiar with one particularly painful sequence in which Tony appears to forget he is in chair pose as he gabs away with Mason for what seems like hours.

As they chat, you’re forced to wince, swear, and do your best to breathe into the pain.

I hate Tony at that point,
Yet I love him in the long run for helping build my stamina.

For me, stamina lessons learned with yoga make the pain of the last mile of your run so much easier.   

It has similar benefits across almost all other sports.

“Basketball is an endurance sport, and you have to learn to control your breath,”

explains legendary player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

“That’s the essence of yoga too.”


Yoga Increases Focus


This combination of body awareness and stamina reap a third benefit:

increased concentration.

This is especially useful for all of you ENTREPRENEURS out there, especially those of us using blogging and other internet marketing methods.


A lack of ability to concentrate as Marketers will land you into the world of zero results.

Focus is the name of the game to make it online!


Try mastering the Warrior III pose, which requires you to extend both hands and one foot while balancing on the other foot flawlessly for 60 seconds.

The Zen state you achieve doing that will help ensure that you can withstand about anything that requires focus and concentration….


Now that you’ve learned more about why Yoga is indeed for men,

you may be concerned because the whole it-makes-you-more-manly-and-attractive thing seems like it’s being diluted by the whole sensitive-self-aware-lover-boy thing—


which may not be quite what you were shooting for when you considered starting up with an Extreme Fitness program like P90X or something similar in the first place.


But the truth is,
Yoga can be as tough, demanding, and punishing as any other physical activity out there.

It can be pretty darn difficult.

But with the Benefits that you NOW know why Yoga is for Men and Women too of course….

It’s a win-win.

So unroll that mat and pretzel up.




You Can begin a Yoga Practice in 3 Weeks (for Free)

with the 3 Week Yoga Retreat, found right in our On-Demand Catalog?

And there’s Lots of Yoga for Men Options inside…..





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