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Team Beachbody Super Saturday Video & Recap- January 7, 2017

Super Saturday Video and Recap from January 7, 2017


Well it’s official, 2017 is going to be an massive and amazing year for Team Beachbody and I’ll declare right now, that It’s going to be my best year ever!!!
First:   The Super Saturday Announcements From Carl the CEO:


→ 3 NEW Fitness Programs will be released in 2017

→ One NEW Breakthrough Nutrition Product

→ NEW Shakeology Flavors

→ The TeamBeachbody.Com Website will be redone into a new state of the art fitness website and platform in the spring

→ New Coach Back-Office will be launching in the Summer

→ and Finally- The Best and Biggest News, just a teaser… Team Beachbody will launch in another international market THIS YEAR! (more info coming in the Spring)

BUT Here’s the Biggest Opportunity YOU can GET RIGHT NOW!!!!
You Can Get ALL Of these Programs as a Challenge Pack for the price of one Challenge Pack!

Read This POST To Learn all about that….


Existing Coaches and Customers who are using Beachbody on-Demand can get an prorated Upgrade as well!

Lots of details about the All Access Pack is in this Super Saturday Video, the rational and the value!


Also in the Super Saturday Video:


There’s info on the Success Club Trip.

Info on the Upcoming Coach Summit in New Orleans!

Info on the Team Beachbody Cup Sales Challenge.

and some outstanding Coach Testimonials.  

Watch the Super Saturday Video from the January 7, 2017 Super Saturday Right HERE:



Not a Coach Yet?  

Click Here— Where you can get all the info on what that means.



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