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Helping You Feel Better, Perform Better, & Overcome Obstacles

Through Fitness & Nutrition

Welcome to Coach Jamie Fitness


I am a Fitness Addict, Dadpreneur,  Christian & Family Man

And an Obstacle Course Racer / Coach.

I call the priorities in my life “The 5 Fs”  which are:


Faith ♦ Family ♦ Fitness ♦ Freedom ♦ Fun


It is part of my purpose to lead and follow these values…

I am also extremely passionate for the sport of Obstacle Course Racing…

And even though I am not competitive in this sport (I only compete with myself),

I enjoy the challenge of these type of events and the style of training it takes to prepare for one….

Why OCR?    Because it’s a LOT like Real life.

There are unbelievably challenging obstacles you have to overcome during the course of an Obstacle Race, and real life is like that as well.

Overcoming Obstacles is how you get ahead in life, fitness, work, and almost everything else.


I am here to help you too.

As a lifestyle coach,

I will help you tackle the obstacles in the areas of Life, Mindset, Fitness, & Health.

When I turned 30, I made a choice.



I decided to KILL OFF  85lbs of Extra ME that didn’t belong….


My Values of Family and Faithfulness Go Deep….

– I knew that I had to Change-  I made a Promise to be there for my family,

I want and desire to be around for my Wife and Kids as long as I can control it!

And SO I decided to make the change!

And that began a passion that has changed my life in so many ways…..

My Fitness Journey also taught me an important lesson

– one of the most valuable lessons ever:








To Pull Past & Future Athletes, of all Shapes, Sizes and Types:  

Off the Couch and into a Healthy Fulfilling Life FULL of Adventure,


Helping YOU Overcome Obstacles– both on the obstacle course and in real life;   To invite YOU  to become a Part of Something Larger than your circumstances, and to Decide, Commit, and Succeed in shaping a lifestyle so that at the end of your days, it can be said  “Well Done.

Our Team Is Full of Purpose, Passion and Performance,

Here’s How You Can Get Started

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

One Step & One Rep at a Time!